Something’s Not Right was born in early 2017, when Thashana and Olivia started discussing the possibility of doing a long form podcast to explore a mysterious death. Finding information on that case proved more daunting than they thought, so they decided to set it aside and begin telling other stories.

The podcast premiered on March 6, 2017, and featured the story of the unsolved 1967 murder of 12-year-old Nashvillian Kathy Jones. Thashana and Olivia were able to quickly find information on a lot of murders - both solved and unsolved - in Nashville and other cities in Tennessee, but they knew that wouldn’t be the only topic they would cover.

Something’s Not Right has a heavy focus on true crime, but the show features other stories that are in some way strange, disturbing, or creepy. While the hosts favor stories in their home state of Tennessee, they are also branching out to tell listeners stories from other locations as well.

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The Crew

Olivia November 2018.jpeg

Olivia Lind

Olivia Lind is a professional Nashville native, part-time legal assistant, and former insurance agent.

In addition to co-hosting and writing Something's Not Right, she has the ability to identify voiceover actors in less than three seconds and she never remembers that Heart sang "These Dreams." She is the mother of a little girl, who will be the first astronaut and Pulitzer Prize winner to become WWE Women's Champion.

She enjoys running, hockey, lighthouses and talking to dogs. Her favorite movie is Rosemary’s Baby and her favorite Batman is Michael Keaton.


Thashana McQuiston

Thashana McQuiston is an actress and writer, most notably known from the webseries Busheltown Hello (2015) and such films as More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014), Daughter (2013), Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2012), and Watch Out (2008). In addition to Something’s Not Right, she co-hosts the Tangentland podcast, previously co-hosted the Film Fatales podcast and is a frequent guest co-host on Cliff and Kendall: Coast2Coast.

She is a whiskey and fireworks enthusiast and has seen the 1986 action-thriller Cobra at least 50 times and specifically the pizza scene around 100 times. Honestly, that’s probably all you really needed to know.


Jack Lind

Jack manages the Something's Not Right studio, runs our daycare center, and serves as the show's audio engineer. So if our production sounds a little ruff, take your complaints to him.