Something's Not Right is now on Patreon


We've got a Patreon page, y'all!

We love making Something's Not Right, and we love finding people who get as excited about this subject matter as we do.

The research is fun, but it takes a lot of work, and putting together the podcast isn't free. If you love it and you're able to help us offset the expenses with a donation, great! If you can't (hey, both of us understand living on a tight budget), that's cool, too. Just help spread the word about our show.

We hope to add some exclusive content and rewards for our Patreon supporters soon. We will be sure and let you know on the show and on our Facebook page once we do.

Something's Not Right merch is here!

If you're interested in Something's Not Right t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, or other things it's kind of weird to put our logo on, they are now available here.

We hope to get some stickers printed up at some point, too.

Podcasting is a little bit more costly than I expected, so your purchases can help us offset our operating costs - plus we would die from excitement if we saw someone wearing one of our shirts in the wild. So they're out there if you want to show your love for the podcast while helping us out.