65/66: Susan Cabot - The Wasp Woman

In this two part episode, Thashana tells Olivia about the bizarre murder of actress Susan Cabot in her Encino home in 1986.

P.S. You can download or watch The Wasp Woman for free here.


  • Susan Cabot (source)

  • Susan Cabot, Debbie Reynolds, and Lori Nelson in 1953 (source)

  • Susan Cabot & King Hussein (source)

  • Tim Roman & Susan Cabot (source)

  • Medical examiner’s report (source)

  • Susan Cabot Roman’s grave (source)

  • Timothy Scott Roman in court (source)

  • Village Barn ashtray & matchbook (source)

  • Photos of Susan Cabot & Tim Roman’s home taken exclusively for Something’s Not Right by John Hollidge